John Kehm Front-end developer | 646-573-1487

Here's a PDF of my resume

Over 20 years of experience as a front-end developer, digital interactive specialist, multimedia artist and UX architect.

From a complete website to a simple microsite, banner ads to billboard ads, I specialize in conceptualizing, creating and maintaining a creative and competitive user-facing identity. As part of a team or by working independently, for web and print, including tradeshow displays and magazine layout and print preparation.

Practical Law Company/Thomson Reuters, NYC
I work directly with the marketing team on a vast assortment of front-end web development projects, email marketing, template creation and asset design.

Freelance web development
Designing and coding an endless assortment of web pages and ads, designing and preparing printed matter as well as a full gamut of creative and technical for many colorful clients such as: Penguin Books, Intel, WorkFusion, Scion, Respond2 and Applied SB.

Rubicon Marketing, Portland, Oregon
I was lead creative and front-end coder, from complex email newsletters to simple interactive digital kiosk designs.

Holiday Publishing, Portland, Oregon
I was lead designer and print preparation artist for the internationally distributed, full-color, bi-monthly fashion/culture magazine Gothic Beauty.